Blowing Out Someone Else's Flame, Doesn't Make Yours Shine any Brighter...

This is always worth repeating, as I see it time and time again... Candle reps focusing their energy on snuffing out their competition....

Just think if they focused all their energy on building their own business vs working on destroying other businesses...

Flame for thought...

Stand tall, shine bright my candle friends!

Alethea Anderson
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Candle Review: Jewelry In Candles, 21 oz Jar Candle in Honeysuckle

Greetings Fellow Candle Lovers,

Jewelry In Candles is a candle company I've seen popping up all over the web.  It seems the goodies-within-candles are really getting popular!   Samantha Miller found Candle Business Tips online and  inquired about submitting a lovely Spring Scent for a candle review

Please visit Samantha's Facebook page and/or her Representative website to explore the Jewelry In Candles candle collection...

Jewelry In Candles crafts a line of candles and melts poured with 100% soy wax.  Each aromatic treat comes with a surprise goody inside.  You simply select your choice of earrings, necklace or finger ring - and one will be hidden in your candle to be revealed when burning!

Samantha shipped a Honeysuckle candle from her personal inventory, it was snugly wrapped and safely packed.  Quick shipping too!

Honeysuckle Scent Description from Jewelry In Candles Website:

"Childhood memories of summers spent looking for the perfect honeysuckle bush... now you can have that same scent "bottled up." This scent starts with a strong floral bouquet, adds hints of pear and cassias, and finishes with a sweet cotton candy note."

When I popped off the lid, the fragrance really fit the description!  In addition, the wax truly met the appearance of a 100% soy wax,  Milky color, a bit of sink-age at the top (typical of this  type of wax) with a slight greasy feel.

Now for my favorite part, the burning of the candle!  I lit this candle and placed it the dining room. Within less than an hour the fragrance was filling the adjoining rooms, as well and floated down the hall when carried on the breeze as well.

This is a LONG burning candle, it took well over 4 hours of burning just to see the tip of the hidden surprise.  As you can see the candle burns clean edge-to-edge leaving very little residual on the sides.

It was about 15 hours of burn time before I was able to sneak the treat out of the molten wax, it took a little tugging as I was anxious to see what gift was hidden within.  I found an adorable silver ring, delicate, yet sturdy and awfully cute with two hearts in an infinity shape!

:: The Stats ::
  • Candle Company: Jewelry In Candles
  • Size: 21 oz 
  • Type: Lidded Jar
  • Aroma: Honeysuckle
  • Color: Creamy Yellow
  • Fragrance Type: Fragrance Oil
  • Wax: 100% Soy
  • Price: $24.95
  • Throw: Multi-Room
  • Burn Time: 100+ hours

Appearance: Stylish straight sided jar with flat-top lid. Beautiful label design, bright colors on black to compliment nearly any decor.

Aroma:  Unlit impression: Very impressed, I could smell the floral Honeysuckle before even taking off the lid. I took off the lid and left the candle sitting on my desk in my office overnight, and the fragrance filled the room without being lit.  Lit impression: Equally impressed!

Performance: Clean burning candle, powerful scent throw.  Edge to edge glass burning, top to bottom and scent to the last drop.

Notes: As with all jar candles, allow candle to burn approximately 1 hour per diameter inch of the candle to allow the wax pool to liquefy glass to glass to prevent tunneling.  After long burn times there may  be a slight mushrooming of the wick, this is  normal and due to the high percentage of fragrance.

Alethea Anderson
Candle Freak

This Review is a Sponsored Review:
The candle that was reviewed was donated by Samantha Miller of Jewelry In Candles